Attaining Panacea – Clinical Bioenergy Treatment

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14th November 2019

"True healing is much more complicated than we can offer in allopathic medicine alone... Allopathic medicine stabilizes the patient. However, this is just 50% of the job; the other 50% of the job is the therapeutic work where we use this panacea within ourselves to essentially heal."

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For centuries, mankind has been seeking what the Greeks referred to as “panacea,” or the self-healing properties that are inside each of us. Through the process of experimenting and pushing forward to obtain this panacea, traditional medical practices, and once deemed ‘experimental’ and ‘alternative’ medicine, eventually transformed and humanity developed practices that we recognize now as allopathic medicine. Our modern allopathic medicine is very dynamic and has allowed humanity to thrive. Interestingly, however, as Ivan Roca, founder of Biotherapy Asia Ltd. Co. and the Biotherapy Asia Foundation has pointed out in a recent, in-depth interview, “True healing is much more complicated than we can offer in allopathic medicine alone. Allopathic medicine is used for a very simple reason; it works. Allopathic medicine saves lives, prolongs life, allows us to survive trauma. Allopathic medicine can allow other therapists to conduct treatments because allopathic medicine stabilizes the patient. This is the power of allopathy, however, this is just 50% of the job; the other 50% of the job is the therapeutic work where we use this panacea within ourselves to essentially heal.”

What is this panacea within ourselves? The innate healing power is simply the immune system, and the ability to stimulate this elegant system using human bioenergy is changing the course of the future of medicine.

“When we are healthy we are healthy due to the properties of the immune system and due to the properties of the body maintaining homeostasis to keep our body in balance. To put it simply, when we get sick, this essentially means that this internal system of protection and this internal system that maintains the balance (the homeostasis) is broken. Or, that this system is not strong enough to protect from the pathogen or the ailment. What is within us that heals us? What is this protective system? It’s obvious that there is something inside of our body that is protecting us. Of course, what we know for sure is that it’s the immune system when it comes to pathogens. And lately (within the last 10-15 years), it’s more and more clear that the immune system is not just the system that protects us from pathogens and toxins, it’s actually essential for all healing because the immune system contributes greatly to the reparation of tissue, cleansing of debris from the damaged tissue, maintaining of homeostasis, and maintaining of the metabolism. This essentially means the immune system is behind healing. If there is an immune deficiency or a condition of the immune system, you get sick.”



Biotherapy is a bioenergy treatment that was developed first in Russia in the late 1960s as a modern secular approach to a traditional hands-on healing method with biological and physical reasoning. Later, the method crossed over Eastern-Europe into ex-Yugoslavia in the late 1970s where it merged with similar methodologies and has since been researched and applied as a complementary medical intervention. Ivan Roca, adapted these methodologies to remove the folklore and any unnecessary procedures, techniques, and philosophies to bring to the modern medical establishment a new, powerful form of Biotherapy – Clinical Bioenergy Treatment that is a purely medical, highly structured bioenergy system that can be easily applied in a clinical or non-formal environment. This therapy uses specific movements of the therapist’s hands (contingent on a medical diagnosis) to directly influence the biochemical reactions in the patient’s body to stimulate their immune system. Once the immune system is stimulated, the body then goes to work to establish a healthy homeostatic state; thus initiating partial or full healing. In the case that a client has an incurable condition, this therapy has proven successful at stabilizing the symptoms or side-effects. With continued focused effort, Ivan has cultivated his techniques to bring about the best end-result possible for each condition/patient he sees in his group therapy sessions. What Ivan has developed is challenging the single-patient approach to clinical therapy, and provides a thoughtful approach to ethical integrative healing.



It is only recently that we have begun to take the field of bioenergetics seriously as it applies to a modern, scientifically-based, complimentary clinical therapy. Pioneers in the fields of biophysics, biology, biochemistry and other biological, physiological and scientific disciplines are beginning to work together in ways that have historically been nonexistent, or limited in academia. This new collaborative approach to medical exploration is leading researchers to surprising breakthrough discoveries in medicine that will benefit everyone as the concept of quantum-reality becomes a greater influence on our everyday human experience, including potential for quantum medicine along with the development of noninvasive treatments and medical interventions based on modern technology and science. “Let us say that modern medicine at one moment due to the technology that was available to medicine, went into the chemical direction or biochemical direction which greatly helped the pharmacology to develop to this amazing level that we have today.” Ivan notes, “But, this is just one layer of reality. If you go a little bit deeper than the chemistry, we will end up in the field of physics or biophysics and it is quite obvious that all the modern technology, not just diagnostics but also therapeutics, are going into the dimension of physics and biophysics which means essentially, for you to utilize the physical properties of certain tools – it can be radiation tools or it can be some other tools that can access the tissue or the chemistry of the body – in a non-invasive way and to stimulate healing. If you look at all modern diagnostics, it’s all energetic: MRI, EEG, fMRI. Everything goes in this energetic direction. What bioenergetics is, is when we are using the human body as the source of the energy field that has some healing properties because this field can directly correspond to the biochemistry of the patient so it is much easier to manipulate the biochemical reactions and to manipulate the energetics of the patients tissue to provoke the immune response.”

Physicians who work with long-term patients having chronic conditions have discovered to their amazement, that their client’s conditions are improving or going away completely after a single cycle of Bioenergy Treatment. Some cases require additional Bioenergy Treatments. These results prompt great interest within both the medical and the academic communities as to what exactly this therapy is capable of doing for overall patient health and wellbeing, and how this unique therapy is conducted to bring about such amazing results.

“The problem with this technology that I am using” notes Ivan, “is that it is not something that is widely recognized for a very simple reason; most people think of biology as something that doesn’t belong to physics but this is completely wrong. Biology is the product of physical laws and this is where we should look for the solution for non-invasive treatments because it’s the fastest, the least expensive and the safest for the patient. I strongly believe that the future of medicine is in energetics or bioenergetics (for example, think about something similar to what we have seen on ‘Star Trek’ movies) where we can do diagnostics through the energy field and we can also do the treatment through the energy field. This is not unknown to science and why we don’t utilize it more, can perhaps be traced to the economic and political background of modern medicine, and the incapability of the broader academic community to envision a form of medicine that is completely different from what we have now. There is a lot of research in the field of unusual medical equipment and unusual medical treatments within modern medicine, but you must have something that is proven, that is evidence-based, that passes all the safety standards and meets the approval of the FDA. In its beginning, modern medicine was also considered experimental or alternative medicine.”



The Biotherapy Asia Foundation is operating in Thailand as a platform for the development of education, research, national health programs, and noninvasive treatment policies. When I asked Ivan what the foundation aims to pursue with its research in that it will continue to improve the clinical application or development of the therapy, his response was animated, “Ah, this is a good question because of course we live in a reality where we always look for the evidence and it’s a good way to think because the evidence can provide us with more insights about what the real mechanism is behind these treatments so that we can improve upon them. Also, the evidence will have to be supported for others to accept this kind of treatment as a viable option. This is a reason why we plan to do further research with the Biotherapy Asia Foundation. In a sense, this may not be clinical research because that is a very expensive and long-term process, but we want to do research that will give us ideas and clues as to which direction we should aim the clinical research.

First, we will research autism because we have already seen promising results with autistic individuals. It is easy to research autism because, with autism, it is not necessary to go into biomedical data. You can create and use a clinical questionnaire to provide an idea of the results of the bioenergetic manipulation.

I’m very interested to understand the mechanism behind the influence of low-energy fields on biochemistry, especially on the biochemistry of the cell. There is a paradigm that these low-energy fields (not strong in strength) are not capable of influencing biochemistry. Now we know this is not true because we have discovered many quantum effects in biology which depend on low-energy fields and they are essential for our biology. This paradigm is now gone; we now know that the low-energy fields can greatly change the biochemical behavior of the molecules. This means that with the lower energy fields, you can change the biochemical reaction; this is the essence of bioenergetics. How this works exactly is not just for research in energy healing or anything like that, but should be essential research in biophysics.

I would like to pursue this next step. I’m very excited about it because now that we know that biology is influenced by lower-energy fields, that also means that every radiation somehow affects our body. To think, in the modern world, we live surrounded by…we swim in a sea of electromagnetic radiation, we swim in other kinds of radiation. It would be interesting to understand how that affects the body, the development of diseases and how that could actually, potentially help treat the diseases. Also, what is happening with humans when they are close to each other? Energy treatment is not something that you need to put attention to in order to exchange energy, or for biochemical manipulation to happen. Energy influence is constantly present. For example, if you have two persons sitting next to each other without any idea of any kind of energetics, the energy exchange must still happen. Can you imagine when you have larger groups of people within a city or a metropolis, or an entire nation? There must be a spectrum of biochemical effects. These effects are something that we essentially don’t research and I think we should do so to bring about an awareness of the effects so that we can improve our lives. Otherwise, we live in darkness.”

Biotherapy Asia presently offers courses that teach people about bioenergetics and the procedural knowledge that is the basis of the Clinical Bioenergy Treatment, and how to apply it in a professional, clinical manner. However, a 1-year program is presently in development to replace this model. Similar to a 1-year college experience, student therapists will learn all the subjects necessary for them to gain an in-depth understanding of the underlying science behind the work of Biotherapy – Clinical Bioenergy Treatment. This form of education will align students who move on to become Certified Therapists to better integrate with modern medical practices as a form of therapy that is based on modern knowledge of biophysics and bioenergetics, that can be communicated to the patient without spiritual connotations. The therapy can then be integrated into standard medical practice as easily as other specialties. “There is nothing supernatural about this treatment. This treatment should be just as much part of medicine as is physical therapy, nursing, dentistry, or psychological work. This is just medicine. So for that reason, I think it is very important that therapists have broader knowledge so that people have general information and insights into what we know about modern science in the first place. Proper education is important so that we can, first of all, produce good therapists and secondly, that the people can benefit from it.”



What Ivan Roca and the Biotherapy Asia team are doing, is challenging the single-patient approach to clinical therapy, and providing a thoughtful approach to integrative healing by offering group therapy sessions that are hosted in both Hong Kong and at a new, international clinic that is uniquely based within the Elements Krabi Resort in Krabi, Thailand. Patients who attend group therapy sessions find the experience “life-changing”; several positive reviews and patient testimonials mention this specifically. The group experience is an essential component of the healing process. When asked why this is the case, Ivan said, “This is a beautiful question. First of all, we as a civilization developed as a group. We as a civilization survive because we’ve learned how to operate in the group in a union as one entity. Also, we don’t live alone. No, I don’t live alone. I cannot do anything alone. I cannot go on the street and survive essentially alone. I need other people and I am other people. We are all other people. Whatever I do in my life, it’s because of the other people. When I see how in medicine we are observed as an object separated from all of reality and how we are healed individually, I find that to be very wrong. It is wrong because we are not separated from reality by anything. It’s a physical fact, a social fact, an economical and political fact. This means that group therapy is a reconstruction of the reality we live every day. We are actually using group psychotherapy for healing as a little model of the world, like a little model where we participate in the world that we share otherwise, and this is where we can find more comfort than being healed alone, without attention to other people and to other problems (because my problem is not just my problem, my problem is the problem of everybody else that I interact with). Maybe it’s not clear to people because they focus on themselves. Unfortunately, we can not overcome the physical realm. We cannot overcome the natural occurrence of the group, or the cooperativeness of the group. It is just a physical property, nothing is separated from anything. It’s all just one big soup of life. So if it is this way, I don’t see any reason why anybody shouldn’t be treated in person.”

What proves beneficial to human health and wellbeing is the interaction amongst other human beings. Healing is something a person must look at honestly. Without openness about one’s condition, they are unable to fully heal. Healing while interacting with others in a group setting, thus brings about a whole new dimension to what therapy means.

“There is one big thing about the group session that is this, once you enter the group session, you become a part of something bigger. Also, you can see the results with other people. You can exchange it with other people. I must also mention that the energy potentials generated during the therapy (because you treat the person in front of the group) are shared amongst the group. This phenomenon is amazing because you have people who come to our therapy who do not believe anything, are not educated, are not well-informed or even, they are educated but they don’t want to believe because this is something that is not socially acceptable; they just sit in the group and accompany somebody. They think that what you are doing is total quackery and yet, they still have a result. Not only do they have a real result, but they also have an effect from (or affect on) the therapy. After a few days of consecutive treatments, especially after day 2 of treatment, the immune system becomes proactive and you can feel this. These people come without any belief, but they have this effect. They have this phenomenon. I would say also that group therapy is the only way to break the mental blockages because in the group you lose the individual personality. You lose yourself and you become part of the group. The therapist essentially is communicating with group dynamics. And this is quite different than the one-on-one work for many reasons. The most important reason is that the group will always be supportive of every single participant of the group. As a patient, you know that and this is very comforting, very helpful and this is where we can learn a little bit more about our interconnectedness. Once you leave the group, you also take this knowledge with you and it remains with you your whole life.”

A fascinating and truly admirable detail about Biotherapy Asia is the donation-based model that they use for their services. This beautiful approach brings a different dynamic entirely to the healing experience and allows anyone to have access to valuable treatment with the opportunity to interact with others in a relaxed, and playful atmosphere. This model is important to Ivan because he doesn’t “like the idea that health should be bought and that health should be unavailable for people who cannot afford it.” He goes on to say, “Nobody chooses disease – you can be very healthy and you can get infected or get a nasty condition and if you don’t have money (in most of the society) you will not get healed. So let us say in our work since we are still in the margin of society, we are still not an accepted treatment. We want to promote the idea that anybody can access this treatment. We want to promote also the idea that the reward comes not from previously defined pricing but comes out of the patient, out of possibilities and the willingness of the patient to support our work. Also, there is one thing about not having a price, but receiving the donation. In this case, there is no expectation on the part of the patient and there is no expectation on the part of the therapist, so we can be playful. We can put ourselves into the process of being human beings not as a professional doctor or therapist who are going to benefit from someone’s disease, or who should be paid because this is how it goes. So I think that this is something where we can learn about natural organic economics. I don’t think the medical system can work fully like that. I think the medical system should be completely free, should be paid for from the taxes, or should be paid from some other sources. I don’t know. This is something to discuss. I’m totally against ignorant profit from other people’s diseases. The donation system has a psychological component and an ethical component.”

The new clinic in Krabi has maintained the donation system but has added package options to cover the costs of the accommodation, technical costs, transportation and all the amenities needed for the 4-day treatment. This new clinic is affordable and will allow patients to have an experience on a different scale. The experience allows the patient to leave the original location where they became sick in the first place and dedicate 5 days and 4 nights solely to healing. In this way, “the treatment will be more impactful and the treatment will have more psychological impact. Also, this is important for our team of therapists who are doing the therapy. The therapist should be relaxed and in such a state of mind and body that this can be transferred, not directly but psychologically, to the patient so that the patient can benefit from it…we should support the idea that we can improve our lives…slowly, through scientific and through spiritual progress, done ethically, we can improve our lives in such a way that we can all become part of one big beautiful mystery of life. Of course, this now sounds a little bit too poetic but I think we have the capacity to improve our lives, and the lives of each other.” One of the unique benefits of working within the resort setting is that those individuals who potentially experience a strong reaction after a day or two of therapy will still be motivated to attend therapy. “This therapy is very strong and after 1 or 2 days the patient can exhibit some sensations or a potential reaction like vomiting, high fever, pain, dizziness and so on. If the patient is in the city, they will not want to come 3 or 4 days in a row because they maybe have this kind of reaction. But, if they are in a resort clinic setting and they need only to take a relaxing 15 minute walk to the treatment room, everyone will come and everybody who is also part of the therapy experience can then have better insight into what is happening during the therapy, and enjoy the process because there are no distractions. The beautiful setting, fresh air, sun, and calm atmosphere are also enjoyable. All of these elements can improve the result of the treatment.”



There is no denying the approaching technological advances that are opening up due to new research in quantum physics. The quantum age is upon us and its sprawling inter-dimensional feelers are adapting (like the immune system) into everything, even medicine. We are already seeing developments in medical devices like bio-electric sensors, minuscule pixel-sized photosensors, or virtual reality technology allowing surgeons to work at a distance from the patient. Yet, quantum medicine is still somewhat undefined in layman’s terms. I did ask Ivan how quantum physics directly applies to a particular facet of the Bioenergetic Treatment, that of distant therapy (which encompasses the phenomena of quantum entanglement and Einstein’s “spooky action at a distance”) and how this distance treatment is different from Reiki or other traditional ‘energetic’ healing methods (aside from spiritual connotations). His full answer follows as it is very insightful:

“I can answer this in a few different directions. The first direction is (this is a good question) like how this methodology differs from other hands-on healing methods? I would just say one thing, that there is no method of healing in a sense that something was brought from one master or by another master and that this master has brought some insight because he has better energy or he’s a more powerful master so his pupils have better results. It doesn’t work like that. This is a complete misconception. I would also say that there are no methods, there is only physics. There are no methods so we can say that if in bioenergetics we can observe what is actually happening, you have the body of the therapist which is the source of the electromagnetic radiation and then, you have the tissue of the patient which is receiving this radiation; the patient’s tissue is not receiving in such a way that you can charge the patient, but you can manipulate with the movements of the hands. You can manipulate the metabolism of the tissue of a patient which can provoke the immune system. Without the involvement of the immune system you don’t have healing, nor can you repair the cell tissue. You cannot bring back function, defend from pathogens or mutated cells, or clean the debris without the presence of the immune system. So all the traditional methods are nothing but immune system stimulation methodologies, and modern medicine suddenly realizes that it’s possible to do that. Presently, the most advanced treatments in oncology are immune therapies. We are using the properties of the human body, we modify a different way how we can modify the immune response to attack cancer and to destroy. So what I want to say is that what you have in any methodology of so-called energy healing or bioenergetics is the radiation from the therapist’s body (in our case it is the hand) and the influence on the biochemistry and energetics of the patient’s tissue that you want to affect. There is one misconception that the mind plays a role in this. I researched this a lot by doing it, by experimenting with it since I was a kid because it was always interesting to understand what is perception and what is the reality. What I found out is that the mind is a nonexistent entity. This is not an entity that has energy. This is not an entity that is a substance. The mind is not a substance. The mind is a construct and this illusion of the construct of the perception is something that we share. We share this mutual hallucination and the mind actually can be expressed in the material world in the reality through the body, through the behavior of the body, through the radiation of the body, through the movement of the muscles, and so on through all of the physiology. Indeed, the mind doesn’t only depend on the brain because without the body there is not a brain. You cannot take the brain out of the body and say you will just copy the brain the way a neural network works, and then have a conscious mind. No, you will not because you need a body, which is an extension of the brain. But there is also another thing, communication between living entities is also something that relates to the brain. So actually, my brain extends to all of reality through the body, through behavior, through contact with other people, through contact with other living beings, through being exposed to different environments, etc. Not to mention the culture, which goes into the past. So I share some culture with thousands of people who are not here anymore. Their experiences are ingrained into the culture, so to my brain also goes into the past. Also, I can imagine things, I can think of the future. I can plan things which means that my brain can also extend into the future. So actually, I can say that to create the brain you need a whole universe; which means that the consciousness, which is the product of the brain, depends on the whole universe. Of course, this method is a little bit complicated because it’s subjective, not tangible. We cannot test it. What I did learn, however, is that a patient who is in a coma or the patient who is not conscious will also be healed. Therefore, there is no direct involvement of the consciousness in healing. And for that reason, I would say that if I have a technology where I am taught that I have to imagine things, or that I don’t have to imagine anything (as you see in Biotherapy), I would say that there is no difference. You will not make a difference by imagining things or focusing your mind on the bioenergetics. I will give you one very simple example which can reveal the truth behind this. If you are asked, “Do you need to think of any single biological process except to search for food or to fulfill some physiological needs? Do you need to think to be alive?” Essentially, I do not have to put forth any effort to breathe, to metabolize food or for every single cell to operate. It’s an automatic process. I would say in this basic narrative of biology, the natural healing mechanism doesn’t need the consciousness or the mind. Some people will say, “But, maybe the cell has a consciousness.” Maybe. Why not, we can think about it. Maybe the latter is conscious. I don’t know. But then we are talking about a linguistic problem. We have to define what consciousness is and what the mind is. Let’s say for that reason, there is this purely mechanical, purely materialistic background of energetics where there is no need for the mind to be involved in the process and for that reason, there is no method. There is only physics and if you understand how this physics can be leveraged to treat the person; this is what energy healing essentially is. I don’t say that the mind is not important, it is. You always need to be able to change your mind and the mind of the patient. You always need to help the patient to go through the burden of the disease because of the pain, the disabilities, the social conditioning and so on. This is all something we can utilize. But to say that the mind is essential for healing, I would say that in my experience, it is not true.

Distant therapy has a very unusual property. What is distant therapy? If I am a therapist in Hong Kong and you are in Alaska and I do treatment for you, it works. There is a biological effect that is not a placebo because you can treat animals, you can treat people who are in a coma, you can treat people who are not capable of understanding what is happening and you have an effect. So first of all, physically, just maybe 50-60-70 years ago, this was a ridiculous idea. But today it is not that ridiculous because we found one phenomenon which is called ‘quantum entanglement’ in biology where essentially, particles can be entangled (or connected) although they are at a distance in the biological tissue. We have a lot of research in this field. What is interesting is that with quantum entanglement, we always research this within a very stable energetic system. Now, we know that we can entangle big molecules and we also have learned that entanglement is essential for some biochemical processes in the brain, for example. The folding of DNA and photosynthesis also depend on it. So I would say that this is where we should look, but I cannot tell you how it works exactly for a very simple reason; nobody knows how it’s possible that entanglement exists at all but what we know for sure is that every single particle in the universe is entangled. What exactly is entanglement? On the surface, we can say that two particles or two entities can communicate at a distance. Let’s say this is a very broad idea as it is a little bit complicated. You need to involve statistics and so on. But overall, we can say that yes, we have two energetic systems that can communicate at a distance without the electromagnetic or the gravitational connection. How does that work? I don’t have any idea, but it works. In my case, if I research distant therapy, this is where I would look.

I’m not a quantum physicist nor do I know quantum mechanics calculus or quantum electrodynamic calculus. I know on the surface what it is and what it brought to modern science and I know how that greatly changed the technology we have. What I can say is only one thing, that quantum effect or the quantum mechanics are in the basis of reality and the picture of the reality from the discovery of the atom or through descriptions of the atom up until today, changed greatly in just 200 years. So, it changed totally. From observing an atom as a ball bouncing in space, we came to the idea that reality is field-based with the excitation of the field interacting with other field excitations. Which, is also not accurate because we cannot put reality into anything else but abstract mathematical forms. If you want to understand how this therapy works on that level we have to use this language. This is all I can say about quantum mechanics. Can I say how this works on the quantum mechanical level? I don’t have any idea. There is some research in this field with interesting results. There is a whole new field which is called quantum-biology, so I guess that very soon we will also have quantum medicine. Although I’m not sure what that will refer to because with new techniques, technologies, and insights into reality, we may completely lose the idea of medicine as we currently know it; just like we did with modern medicine to traditional medicine. Traditional medicine had one idea about what the world was and how the body works. Then, we had discoveries, new technologies, new instruments to test with and we developed modern medicine. I think that if we put quantum mechanics and quantum theory into biology and medicine, we will ratify medicine totally.”



Personally, Ivan Roca has experienced living in many places around the world. One thing that really made an impression on him was his move to Thailand in 2013 due to fortunate circumstances. “It’s really interesting how this move made a huge change in me, my perception of the world and in the perception of health problems in general; because health is not the same everywhere. Health is different in Europe, the United States or in Asia. I don’t say that the diseases are different, but the perception of the diseases are different. This is a very interesting thing to know and to understand.” He went on to further explain his experiences with different cultures and how each culture has its unique perception of, and way of dealing with illness. However, despite the cultural or location differences, underneath it all, we are all biologically the same. “I think that people are the same everywhere biologically. We are all the same. We all have the same bones, blood, infections, and conditioning when it comes to medicine. What is different is the perception of it; in some countries, people really want to be well and want to take better care of themselves. They are serious about diseases in a medical sense. They don’t want to feel suffering. In some countries, people want to hide their diseases and their suffering. Also, I encountered something very strange in some places that people are willing to preserve their image rather than heal themselves. Healing essentially means many things but one of the most important things is that healing means to reveal yourself to others, to show off completely, to get naked in front of the world. Only if you are truthful in healing, you can get healed. If you are not truthful in healing you will not get healed. You cannot hide your condition because essentially, this is hiding part of you.”

When a person is truthful in their healing, they are choosing to heal. They make the choice to not return to the previous lifestyle that gave them the illness in the first place. Modern medicine as it is, most often provides medication or treatment of some sort and sends the patient on their way with very little second thought as to the lifestyle of the patient or what they have been through mentally, emotionally or physically. Real results occur with a conscious effort between the patient and the therapist using a creative, integrative approach to considering the whole person, free from the limits of cellular science, economic or legal repercussions.

“I really admire modern medicine. I think that modern medicine works…You have to know one thing though, that doctors are not trained, scientists. They are limited in their creative license; they have a certain direction with which to treat a certain condition and they cannot go beyond that without potential legal issues.”

Through Biotherapy Asia’s strict adherence to requiring a medical follow up to the therapy, physicians are discovering the validity of this therapy through the medical results obtained at followup appointments of patients after the patient has received Biotherapy – Clinical Bioenergetic Treatment. In the case where the physician is treating the same patient for several years for a chronic condition, they are amazed to find improvement, or in some cases complete reversal of the condition in their patient. Needless to say, they are amazed. Many are opening up to suggesting their patients receive the therapy. Some physicians, however, are a bit more dismissive of the therapy due to its lack of evidence-based, peer-reviewed data. This is where Ivan Roca is making a change. Research in this field is essential. You can not write off a medical result as pure placebo.



As humans, we have the capacity to heal. We have the capacity to work together in groups. We have scientific knowledge in various disciplines. We have the willingness to help each other and encourage each other. We have the ability to ask questions and challenge what is holding us back. We have the ability to share what we learn and create anything we want to create. We have everything we need as a species to do anything we can imagine. So, what holds us back? Politics and economics are greatly influential in our overall wellbeing, however, this influence should be reversed. “If we don’t allow medicine to interfere with social science and politics, because medicine is about wellbeing, actually, and the politics should be the mechanism which will allow this wellbeing to become a prominent thing in our lives, then we are talking about medicine as a cellular science. Medicine should be able to influence politics and should be able to influence how we live, and interact. We don’t have that so we cannot talk about medicine as a 100% science. It’s science on the level of drugs that you take, or some procedure that you take. But this is not enough. This is just a part of the story. So, let’s say that medicine works to a certain extent, but we need to do much more. It’s always on the level of the lifestyle, which means on the level of daily activity, life, etc. And then, when you interfere with politics, you have a problem.’ Ivan understands that “it’s going to take a long time before humans finally realize that wellbeing is more important than anything else.”



Any individual, no matter the discipline or specialty, can affect a positive change. All that is required is creativity and a willingness to explore collaboratively, potentials that will be for the betterment of all of humanity and will test the limits of the modern knowledge base. If you are willing to explore what we all can create together, check out the Biotherapy Asia website: to learn more, and be sure to also check out the online magazine, BIOS which is newly created as a platform to express novelty in medicine, in science, in the arts, and in our daily life.

Right now Biotherapy Asia and the Biotherapy Asia Foundation are in need of researchers who want to do pioneering research in the field of bioenergetics and in medicine, and also researchers who want to apply the information from this kind of research into new products so that we can make this knowledge available to as many patients and people as possible. This can include biophysicists, biochemists, etc.

“There are a lot of research and funding opportunities…In science there is no-nonsense. If you have a phenomenon and you don’t know the mechanism of the phenomenon, research it and go where the evidence leads. Where the evidence leads, we can find new things. We can improve medicine itself by researching bioenergetics. We can improve some other fields of science and technology by understanding how this unusual treatment works. I would say that anybody who is open-minded and who wants to think of these subjects scientifically and progressively, and who wants to be a pioneer in the new field of non-invasive treatments with gadgets or with the technology of the human body, they are all welcome. That includes not just scientists, but we also welcome artists, journalists, writers, anyone who wants to pioneer in this field.”

“What we are doing now is alternative and experimental but that doesn’t mean that this therapy won’t become available to everybody. It is just a matter of time before it becomes part of the medical system. This medicine can treat any medical condition, with exception to some limitations of course like genetical disorders, but if you can stimulate the immune system precisely, you can essentially trigger healing for absolutely any condition. Because of the vast number of diseases it treats, clinical trials for something like this can take many years. We, therefore, have to invent an unparalleled approach to researching this treatment so that we can bring the therapy to the people as soon as possible.”

Perhaps then, in partnership with allopathic medicine, we will be closer to attaining panacea.

“Generally, if you ask me about my personal position when it comes to this work, I do this for one very simple reason – I enjoy it. I enjoy the process of group treatment. I enjoy the process of education because this is where I can do something for others and I can also do something for myself. So, the very joy of doing it is what makes it worth living it, and doing it.” ~ Ivan Roca

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6 months ago

Great, informative article. Ivan is genuine and ahead of his time! Keep sharing your talent Ivan!


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