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Illness As Opportunity

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1st December 2019

With several days to myself with little to do but think about how sick I was, I began to explore my own thoughts on how I may have gotten sick in the first place and what I could do going forward to prevent going through this experience again anytime soon.

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In the following, we expose some sections of a doctoral thesis in Neuroscience and Language aimed to characterize effective language use by Early Childhood teachers from the perspective of the psycholinguistic approach. In this way, it is intended to take the first steps for the characterization of well-being language, and its role in non-invasive treatments.

Reading Time: 6 minutes

by Francisco Jose Leria Dulcic

14th November 2019

"True healing is much more complicated than we can offer in allopathic medicine alone... Allopathic medicine stabilizes the patient. However, this is just 50% of the job; the other 50% of the job is the therapeutic work where we use this panacea within ourselves to essentially heal."

Reading Time: 24 minutes

by Jill Kelsey

14th November 2019

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